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Resolute Readers

As we finish up our Christmas shopping and enjoy some relaxing time with friends and family, we are starting to consider the new year. For Recycled Reads, it will bring many exciting possibilities and endless bookshelves of surprising finds and classic favorites. In 2012, we plan to get organized, slim down our collection to the very best then flaunt it!

What are your resolutions for next year? How will you work to improve your character, your mind, or your life? For you bibliophiles, maybe you’re ready to finally read the classic literature you skimmed during college. (OK, the classic literature whose cliff notes you skimmed during college.) Perhaps you twentysomethings are feeling a bit lost and confounded with your options in life, and you are looking for sound and non-judgmental life advice. Maybe you’re beyond those growing pains and are just looking for a way to bring joy to yourself and others in the next year.

You are in luck! Recycled Reads is just the place to fulfill your most achievable resolutions. Not only do we have a well-trained staff to help you find whatever kind of book you are searching for, but we have a seemingly-endless supply of classic literature. Right now we have an excellent set of Franklin Library Books with classics and rarer works by classic authors. Just look at this random selection in the photo featured!

Don’t delay, these books won’t last long. Image


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the Future of the Book

In the age of eReaders and Overdrive, some believe that the future of the book is digital. At Recycled Reads, we neither deny nor embrace this idea, but weigh the opposing viewpoints to determine the possible outcomes. 

In the event of obsolescence, Recycled Reads is prepared. Already we recycle ten tons of books each month. Many of you have seen our Recycled Crafts – from jewelry to home decor – that we make out of the books that would have been recycled. Book Art is a quickly growing art form, and we hope to inspire our customers to keep outdated or damaged books for crafting projects. Come by the store on Saturday, December 17th between 1 and 3pm to learn some of our holiday-inspired crafts like recycled map gift wrap, paper jewelry, and paper wreaths!

But because we are mostly staffed by librarians and librarian-supporters, everyone here understands that sometimes, you just want to hold the book in your hands. What is it exactly – the smell? the weight? the notes in the margins or end-page-inscriptions from half a century ago? The most invigorating of our donations are the older books. The stories they tell can not be appropriately translated into a digital format. The random newspaper clippings and photographs tucked into the pages are treasures that only a vintage book-lover can know. Well, vintage book-lovers, rejoice! Recycled Reads has been holding back the very best of our old and new books to sell at our Holiday Open House this Saturday, December 10th. Come for the amazing prices on our new, old, and coffee-table books…stay for the dancers, music, and Santa photos! (We encourage you to bring your own cameras.)

Either way, Recycled Reads is prepared for the future of the book. Don’t get left behind! Come into the store before your holiday shopping is done!


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