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Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Recycled Reads

It’s voting season, that time of year in Austin, TX when every citizen has the opportunity to mark the ballot for their favorite. I’m talking of course about the annual Austin Chronicle Best of Poll. It’s a busy time of year…summer is over, school has started and the TV is bombarding you with fall preview shows. Who has time to vote? Below are the top ten reasons (thanks David Letterman) for voting for Recycled Reads as your favorite local bookstore:

10) Although we look like a library, no one will every raise a finger to their lips and say, “Shhh.”

9) Our “recommended picks” are chosen by staff, volunteers and the occasional stuffed animals…

8) Donations we receive include books, VHS cassettes, CDs, DVDs, vinyl records and even the occasional silver fish, palmetto, and dust bunny—we take most everything you’d find at a library, except magazines!

7) We’re progressive! Baby changing stations are in both the women’s and men’s restrooms.

6) By shopping at and donating to Recycled Reads you help move the City closer to our Zero Waste Goal of reducing the amount of trash sent to landfills by 90% before 2040

5) With hard cover books $2, soft cover $1 and kids’ books fifty-cents, there’s really no logical reason not to shop here.

4) We take cash, check, credit and debit card…yup, we’ll put that fifty-cent paperback on your credit card!

3) We recycle, reuse and upcycle over ten tons of materials a month (that’s a lot of paper flowers made by our crafty employees and volunteers).

2) All money from purchases goes directly to the Austin Public Library!

And the number one reason to vote for Recycled Reads as your favorite local bookstore…

1)      We’re keeping Austin weird (and green).

The paper ballots were in the Aug. 23 Chronicle, if you want to go retro and mail your vote into them by Sept. 10, or, you can go online: to vote. Please make sure to follow the rules, no photo copied ballots, only one ballot per envelop (ballot stuffing will get us eliminated), only one vote per mail ballot or web ballot: one person, one vote.

If we’re not your favorite local bookstore, then vote for us as your Wild Card pick.


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Why I Like Social Networking

Thanks to everyone in the blogosphere for correcting my previous post and pointing out that McMurtry isn’t closing, but downsizing.

Booked Up is planning on selling some 350,000 books at a public auction in August. That will leave them with a collection of 150,000 books in their one building.

On behalf of all bibliophiles, my apologies for alarming you.

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Conintinuing the Legacy

This is the weekend that Larry McMurtry’s famed Archer City bookstore Booked Up, Inc. is closing its doors. I am a long time fan of McMurtry’s novels, but one of my favorite books is his memoir Books, which talks about his love of writing and book collecting. I know many a bibliophile who has taken a pilgrimage to Archer City to visit the famed bookstore complete with bookstore cat: Leo. Austinites can be proud that we can carry on the bookstore legacy here at Recycled Reads. While we don’t have a bookstore cat (yet), we do have tens of thousands of books of every genre from literary classics to current bestsellers; from children’s picture books to graphic novels. We receive awesome donations that include vintage, first editions, collectibles and just off the wall wonders. As well as carrying on the tradition of shared literacy and book treasures, all of our proceeds benefit the Austin Public Library. If you love books as much as Larry McMurtry and all of us here at APL, I encourage you to donate to and shop at Austin’s own bookstore wonder: Recycled Reads.

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