Recycled Crafts: How to Make a Paper Ornament

November 23, 2012 at 10:30 am Leave a comment

Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving is all about finding deals and shopping til you drop. Why not start a new tradition – spending time with friends and family, reusing what you have to create unique, upcycled holiday decorations. It’s guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit, minus the crowds!

Today’s craft tutorial covers how to make an ornament out of strips of paper. Be adventurous and experiment with different kinds of paper! We paired up pages from a children’s book and pages from a vintage book (both books were coming apart, and thus were destined for the recycling bin).


Paper strips



Hole Punch

Step 1:

Take the twine and cut about 10″ of it to work with. Make a large knot at one end. You may have to knot it several times so that when you string the paper through, the knot will be big enough so that the strips don’t slip over the knot.

Step 2:

Cut about 8 or 9 strips of paper, each about 1″ wide and 4″ long. You can vary the widths to create a more visually interesting ornament or stick with uniform lengths for a traditional look. Punch holes in both ends of each strip of paper. Don’t punch the hole too close to the end, as it might cause the paper to rip. See the next step’s photo for reference.

Step 3:

Take your paper strips and thread them onto the twine through the hole punched in the bottom edges. Make sure the side of the paper you want to show on the outside of the ornament is facing down as you thread it on.

Step 4:

Now take the paper strips and thread them through the hole punched in the top edge. As you thread all the strips onto the twine, you will see that a “c” shape emerges. The side of the paper you want on the outside of the ornament should be facing outwards now.

You can make the “c” shape as flattened or as tall as you like. Whatever shape you decide on will determine the shape of the ornament. When you find a size you like, make another large knot in the twine about the paper strips, to keep your desired shape.

Step 5:

Now, fan out the paper strips to create the spherical shape of the ornament. It might take some playing around with it to get it just how you want it. With the rest of the twine, tie a loop on top so you can hang it on display.

Thanks for reading and see you next Friday!


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