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Recycled Crafts: How to Make a Folded Book

Today’s tutorial features how to fold a book, which is one of those meditative crafts to do while watching TV or just to relax. Although some might take offense to the art of book folding, it’s really a great way to keep books out of the landfill that are either too damaged or otherwise won’t sell in the store. The premise is simple, start with a fold and either stick with that fold or vary it with another one for a different look.


Old book (we prefer the Reader’s Digest Condensed editions)

Step 1:

Starting at either the first page or the last page, begin using the fold of your choice.  Here’s a link to some sample folds to start you off:

altered books

Step 2:

Keep folding. As you reach the middle of the book, you will have to adjust the angle of your folds a little bit so that the finished piece will maintain its shape. Remember, it’s okay to go back and refold!

Here are some finished pieces we have here in the store.

Folded books 2

Folded books 1



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Recycled Crafts: How to Make a Paper Bead

Hello everyone! Today our tutorial is about how to make paper beads, one of our longstanding crafts here at Recycled Reads. Once you get the rolling part down, making beads is pretty simple, but the varieties of shapes and sizes can be endless!



 7″ Paper strips (we used elongated triangle shaped strips)

Toothpick or skewer


Mod Podge

Step 1:

Gather up the paper strips you want to start out with. You are welcome to use any kind of paper, but we have found that matte, non glossy paper works best at soaking in the glue.

Paper beads 1

Step 2:

Take your strip of paper and starting about 1/2″ from the base of the triangle, coat the strip in glue. It’s important to leave the first part of the strip free of glue so it won’t adhere to the skewer.

Paper beads 2

Step 3:

Take the skewer and begin tightly wrapping the wide base of the strip around the skewer. As you wrap, be sure to keep the part of the strip on the skewer tight so it doesn’t unroll as you wrap.

Paper beads 3

Step 4:

Continue to wrap until you have reached the tip of the strip. Add more glue as necessary so that the strip sticks to the bead as you wrap. When you are finished wrapping, you can coat the entire bead in mod podge to give it some protection from the elements.

Paper beads 4

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! There are many different shapes of paper strips you can try to end up with different kinds of beads. Here’s a photo with different shapes to try:

Paper beads 5

January 18, 2013 at 3:59 pm 2 comments

Recycled Crafts: How to Make a Paper Rose

This craft is relatively simple, all it involves is a long strip of paper, some glue, and practice!



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