Upcycled Crafts: Book Cover Picture Frame

June 14, 2013 at 2:56 pm Leave a comment

Happy Friday everyone!

In today’s blog, we deconstruct a frame made from the covers of a book. We’ve had this piece around ever since an employee brought it in and our curiosity as to how it was constructed finally got to us, hence this blog. You should be able to find all the supplies at your local hardware store, craft store, and of course, old vintage books are always available here at Recycled Reads! We like the simplicity and clever repurposing of this design, and hope you will too.



Book cover (preferably one with illustrations on the inside)

Box cutter

Glass from a picture frame

Hammer and nail

2 Screws (1″)

2 Screws (2″)



Book pages




Step 1:

Decide how big you want the window to your frame to be, as well as if you want to display an illustration from inside the back cover. That was the case with this book,  that already had the image of three boys on it. Use a box cutter to cut out the window.

Step 2:

One the back side of the front cover, you need to construct a mat that will hold the glass in place. Take your cardboard and cut it to the size of the book cover, cutting out a space for the glass. Make sure the cardboard is about the same thickness as the glass. You can cover it in pages from the book, as is shown in our example. Glue this mat to the inside of the front book cover, as shown in this photo of the deconstructed frame.


Step 3:

Measure out where the screw holes will be located. You can either drill these holes or hammer a nail through the book covers.


Step 4:

Now for assembly! Stack the front book cover, the glass and the back book cover together and insert screws, tightening the wingnuts in the back. You’re all done. Let us know how it goes if you embark on your own framemaking adventure.



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