Upcycled Crafts: Woven Book Cover Wallets

July 12, 2013 at 6:00 pm 1 comment

Hello everyone! We just finished up another Upcycle This! craft night here at Recycled Reads, where we did book cover wallets, both the kind covered in this blog as well as woven wallets, which we’ll be covering in this tutorial. The actual construction of the wallet is the same concept, it’s just the weaving part that makes it different.


Book cover or other heavy weight paper

Paper cutter



Step 1:

Begin by cutting out a piece of the book cover that measures 8” across by 7 ½” in length. Then, lengthwise, measure out 6”  and draw a line across the entire 8” of paper. If you are using a book cover, use the back side, as the shiny front side is difficult to make a mark on.

Step 2:

Measure out ½” intervals along the 8” of the paper and cut along these marks, only going as far as the line you drew in the previous step. These lengthwise strips are what is called the warp in weaving terminology.


Step 3:

Measure and cut out more strips that measure ½” in width. These are called weft strips in weaving terminology, and they will be what you weave into the warp strips cut in Step 2. After you weave each strip in, affix it to the piece with a dot of glue at each end.


Step 4:

After you have woven in as many weft strips as will fit onto the warp, glue the edges down and trim to where the piece measures 8” by 6”.


Step 5:

As with the previous book cover wallet we did, now we put the trim on the tops and edges. Cut two 8” long by 1” strips and glue them onto the bottom and top edges. Make sure ½” of the strip is on the front and the other ½” is folded over on the backside to give it an even look.


Step 6:

Now to seal the sides, making the wallet functional. Take two more strips, 1” wide by 3” long. Folding the wallet in half, glue the strips on both sides so that the billfold is formed. Fold the wallet in half again, this time lengthwise, and you’re ready to use your wallet!



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