Upcycled Crafts: Gift Bags revisited

February 21, 2014 at 11:26 pm Leave a comment

Welcome to another edition of Upcycled Crafts! A while back (almost a year ago to the day!), we’d done a blog on how to make your own gift bags from map paper. It’s still available if you want to check out the steps on how to make your very own bag: https://recycledreadsaustin.wordpress.com/2013/02/22/recycled-crafts-how-to-make-a-gift-bag/

For today’s post, we wanted to revisit the idea, using an old poster we got in a donation. Our very own crafty volunteer, Ana, made this specimen in the photo below:


Instead of wrapping a shoe box, as the previous blog posts instructs, Ana wrapped the poster over an oversized book. She then punched two holes the top of both sides and threaded twine through them for handles. To finish off, she taped the ends of the twine to the inside of the bag to anchor them in place. This is a timely blog, as our next Upcycle This craft program will feature Springtime Favor bags. Be on the lookout to see a post with the creative endeavors of our participants!




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