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Upcycled Crafts: CD Pond

Today I wanted to take a look back at Ruth’s creation for this past year’s Mini Maker Faire. It was a crane wishing tree, with a pond made from all upcycled materials. The pond is what we’ll be focusing on today. Remember, this is an adult craft!  Warning as far as safety goes: Wear protective glasses, gloves and clothing for the prep in this craft!









To make the base of “water” for the pond, Ruth took used aluminum foil and crumpled it up, laying it out on the surface area allotted for the pond. The tutorial part I’m going to go over is how to make the CD accents that go on top of the aluminum foil.

Step 1:

Wearing safety gear, take a hammer and boxcutter or nail and break apart the CD. It’s best to do this outside in an area away from others, as sometimes broken bits can fly off.


Step 2:

Again, wearing protective gear (those shards can be sharp!) take shards and glue them where you’d like them on top of the aluminum foil.




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Upcycled Crafts: Popup cards part 2

A couple of weeks ago I did a post about my efforts with pop up cards as part of the prize package for Austin Public Library’s Adult Summer Reading Program. Now I’ve finished the cards and wanted to revisit this post. As you can see, I finished off the outsides of the cards with our information and our well known R. Inside, I handwrote a “blurb” about our mission and upcycled crafting.

These cards come along with the handcrafted upcycled grand prizes for the Adult Summer Reading Program. Interested in entering? Check it out on the website.











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Upcycled Crafts: Firecracker pom poms

We had a blast at Thursday night’s Upcycle This! event where the craft du jour was firecracker pom poms. They’re fairly easy to make, all you need is a strip of paper, scissors, some glue/tape, and a barbecue skewer. I got this idea from Martha Stewart’s book of Handmade Holiday crafts, which is available at the library.


To make the poms poms:

– Cut a strip of paper measuring approximately 3″ by 15″. Fold in half once, then in half again.

– Take the scissors and cut thin strips 2/3 of the way across the strip, like you’re making fringe. The uncut part will wrap around the tip of the barbecue skewer.

– Unfold the strip of paper and using glue or tape, attach it to the tip of the skewer. Make sure as you wrap the strip, it stays tight against the skewer. When you reach the other end, affix it to itself or the skewer.

– Taking the scissors, curl down the fringe to make it look more like a firework. You can make it as curly as you like. Enjoy!


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