About Recycled Reads Austin

Recycled Reads logoWelcome to Recycled Reads, the Austin (Texas) Public Library’s used book store. Recycled Reads is run mainly by volunteers, and we sell materials withdrawn from the Library’s collection as well as donations. The store gives books a second (or third or fourth or fifth) chance to be enjoyed and is an active participant in the city’s Zero Waste Plan, ensuring obsolete materials are handled in an environmentally responsible way by keeping them out of landfills.

Collectible and out-of-print items of special interest often come our way and we offer them at reasonable prices. Our goals are to raise money to support the Austin Public Library’s collections and programs while helping to Keep Austin Green. If you’re in or near Austin, come pay us a visit!

Recycled Reads | 5335 Burnet Road (just north of North Loop) | Austin, TX  78756 | (512) 323-5123 | Hours: Thursday-Sunday 12pm-6pm

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