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Join Us for Live Music on Sunday!

We hope you’ll stop by on Sunday, July 22 from 3:30 until 5:00, to wind down your weekend with the Worthy Waites of Whimsey.  Homegrown in Austin, the band is made up of Jan Jackson and Wesley Norton on recorders, Gerry Priest on cello and treble viol, and David Melanson on recorders and historical harp.

Worthy Waites plays a wide variety of early music, but this Sunday they will focus on a selection of renaissance tunes!  Check out their website here: or find them on Facebook to learn a little bit more.

To celebrate their visit, we’ve decided to highlight a few of our collectibles that follow the theme of early music.  As always, if you have questions about these or any of our collectibles, please contact us during store hours at (512) 323-5123.

Restoring & Collecting Antique Reed Organs by Horton Presley ($60)

This book provides detailed information for amateur craftspeople that want to understand the processes of restoring reed organs.  The best part of this book is the very well labeled photographs.  It also includes a supplier list and a bibliography.  Our copy is a first edition, published in July of 1977.  It is ex-library, but still in relatively good condition, having been mended in 1993.  It would definitely make a good addition to an early music library.

A Garland of Country Song by S. Baring Gould and H. Fleetwood Sheppard ($20)

This is collection of songs of folk songs of the West of England.  Our copy is a Folcroft Library Editions copy and was published in 1976.  The songbook was originally published in London in 1895 and includes 112 songs with lyrics and music.  It is in good condition with no dust jacket.

The Flute by Ardal Powell ($5)

Until 2009, Ardal Powell was involved in the making of historical flutes with his company, Folkers & Powell.  The Flute is part of the Yale Musical Instrument Series published by Yale University Press, published in 2002.  It is a well-researched volume that tells the story of the flute in North America and in Europe going back to the 12th century.  This book won the Nicholas Besseraboff Prize in 2005. Our copy is ex-library with a dust jacket and Mylar polyester cover.

Gellerman’s International Reed Organ Atlas, 2nd Editionby Robert F. Gellerman ($10)

This book is a great reference for all types of reed organs.  It provides basic information about a wide variety of organs, and is a great starting point for further research.  Entries are listed alphabetically, but the heavily cross-referenced index makes research very easy.  This ex-library copy is in excellent condition with a dust jacket and Mylar polyester cover.

A New History of the Organ From the Greeks to Present Day by Peter F. Williams ($10)

Written by the English musicologist, arranger, and noted organ scholar Peter F. Williams, this history of the organ “From the Greeks to the Present Day” was written in 1980.  An appendix of over fifty black and white photos complements the highly informative text.  This copy is without a dust jacket, but in good condition otherwise.

Barrel Organ – The Story of the Mechanical Organ and its Repair by Arthur W. J. G. Ord-Hume ($10)

This copy is a first edition in very good condition with a dust jacket and Mylar polyester cover, published in 1978 by George Allen & Unwin.  With 115 beautiful images and contextual history, Ord-Hume’s book on the barrel or mechanical organ fills a gap in the literature of organs.

The History of the English Organ by Stephen Bicknell ($50)

Stephen Bicknell (1957-2007) was a noted organ historian, designer, and consultant.  This copy is a 1997 printing of his 1996 book (no dust jacket, but in good condition overall) that provides a thorough history of organs built in England stretching back to 900 AD.  The elegant writing and noted illustrations won Bicknell a Nicholas Besseraboff Prize for the best book-length study of musical instruments in 1999.


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